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: very strange and not able to be explained by what scientists know about nature and the world
▪ Some believe she had paranormal [=supernatural] powers. ▪ paranormal phenomena



Disembodied voices, footsteps and knocking.

Doors opening and closing..

Objects moving without explanation…

Mysterious feelings of cold, someone watching you and a felt breath….

Someone touching you that is not there…..

A strange smell from the past…

That is what Paranormal Spirit Search is here to do.


I was first haunted at about the age of 8. My mother, father, sister and I were house sitting in a big mansion style house that had a lot of weird stuff going on after dark.

In the huge den where we would watch TV there was an enormous BOOM from the center of the room. Like an explosion that would scare the hell out of you. The dog would get up, run and bark at something we could not see.

You could hear the hanging pots and pans banging together at night as well as the cabinet doors in the kitchen opening and slamming shut.

Sleeping was also an adventure. The lights on either side of the bed would turn themselves on and off playfully until mom would yell “Stop it! I’m tired of your stupid game!”.

In another bed room you could hear banging on the wall. My dad communicated with the spirit by asking yes and no questions and getting back 1 knock for yes and 2 for no.

You could hear the hanging pots and pans banging together at night as well as the cabinet doors in the kitchen opening and slamming shut.

When  older I experienced more unexplained paranormal happenings.  This is what led me into Ghost Hunting and continues to interest me.

Is it real? Do they really exist? Lets find out together…

NAB Catholic Bible, Oxford, send edition commentary on 1Sam 28:12;

Human beings cannot communicate at all with the souls of the dead. God may, however, permit a departed soul to appear to the living and even to disclose things unknown to them. Saul’s own prohibition of necromancy and divination was in keeping with the consistent teaching of the Old Testament. If we are to credit the reality of the apparition to Saul, it was due, not to the summons of the witch, but to God’s will; the woman merely furnished the occasion.

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