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Proper Use of White Noise

One of the ways to use White Noise Properly:

By: Dennis Batchelor

Simple, to start off with you’ll want to begin taking base EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) readings.

Carry along a “Boom Box” that can play CD’s and has replay. You’ll want to place it in a room that is centrally located in the home or structure and then on the CD player press the loop or re-play button so that at the end of the CD it automatically starts over.

Place the CD in containing White Noise and push play. Once it begins set the volume so that at 10 feet away you can barely hear it…This would be a starting point.

Begin taking static EMF readings again, this time noting if there are any changes and or fluctuations from the base readings taken prior to the introduction of White Noise.

If you see noticeable changes in a relative short period of time, say 5 minutes you may want to leave it set or you may want to increase it  slightly.

You may want to do this several times but beware and DO NOT raise the volume too loud as to create negative effects on you or your team members.

If nothing seems to happen it may be there is nothing paranormal at that location, but don’t give up try it again at the next location by all indications I’ve found this technique works.
*** Also Worth Noting ***

The use of White noise has been used with success in outdoor locations as well. Set it up just like described above and see if it works for you…

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