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Memphis Marine Hospital

Investigation  Marine Hospital

This building was used as a Marine Hospital during the late 1800’s.  Many people died there as a result of a Yellow Fever epidemic.  The basement of the hospital is used as the Morgue.  On our walk-through we were not given access to the basement.  We are hoping to get permission to go back with a full team and do a full investigation.  This place is known to be so haunted some Paranormal Groups refuse to go there.

Date Saturday August 20, 2011

 3:00 pm Daytime Investigation with prep for a possible later Nighttime Investigation.

Time at location: 45 minutes.

 Digital Voice Recorder, Emf meters, Digital Camera, Mel Meter and PX Box.

Personnel Steve Sanderson and Teri Clark.

History  Built in 1883 as part of the first federally funded health care facility in Memphis, the Executive/ Administration Building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. Renovations to the building were completed in May 2007.

The building is currently being used as the JULIUS BLUM LIBRARY for the Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, TN.

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Evidence No visual evidence.  While we heard nothing with our ears we are presenting possible EVP’s that we captured while there on the second floor.  There was a somewhat meeting going on downstairs, but we were mostly in the upstairs board room with the doors closed and had very little noise to contend with. 


Yelling-Pain Sound as if someone is yelling in pain.

Bang-Voice_EMF-Meter You will hear a bang and then a voice saying something like “He’s got the time, got to check.”.  You will hear Teri comment about getting an EMF spike on the Mel Meter directly after this.

Isolated Voice Here is the same audio without the comments Teri added.  Let me know what you think it is saying.

 We did not hear any of these EVP’s with our own ears, they were captured on our digital voice recorder.  I did not manipulate the sounds here in any way, they are presented as the Audacity software analyzed them.

EMF  We did get a few sizable EMF’s including one with a strange EVP saying  “He’s got the time, got to check.”.  See above EVP’s.



Hospital Building Board Room1

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