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TJ Mulligans Memphis 362 North Main

Investigation  TJ Mulligans Memphis 362 North Main

This building is at least 100 years old and has thought to be haunted for many years.

Date Saturday August 20, 2011

 12:30 pm Daytime Investigation with prep for a possible later Nighttime Investigation.

Time at location: 1 Hour.

 Digital Voice Recorder, Emf meters, Digital Camera, Mel Meter and PX Box.

Personnel Steve Sanderson and Teri Clark.

History  The building was built in the late 1800’s and was used initally for casket manufacturing.  Very little is known at this time about the progression to the current year.  Here is some current TJ Mulligans history about this bar by Aniasa, an employee on audio.  I want to thank Aniasa for the information and allowing us the opportunity to perform an impromptu investigation.

Dead Lady Aniasa tells us about a woman that frequented the bar and died.

Dead Man Aniasa tells us about a former bar tender that later killed himself.

Evidence Some possible apparitions and EVP’s.

EMF Meter EMF Meter starts when asked.  I did not stop for quite some time afterwards even asking it to.


Out Class C EVP so listen close with headphones.

Strange Two-Tone Sound We did not hear this with our own ears and we are not sure what it is?  Any comments?  Is this an old ambulance siren sound from the early 1900’s?

 We did not hear any of these EVP’s with our own ears, they were captured on our digital voice recorder.  I did not manipulate the sounds here in any way, they are presented as the Audacity software analyzed them.

EMF  We did get a few sizable EMF’s with one listed above as “EMF Meter” in Evidence.


Photos We apologize for the poor picture quality, I was having trouble with the camera the entire session including the flash not working at all in some rooms in the basement.  Your comments are welcome as always.  When we go back we will re-shoot all the pics.

Formation in Door Jam Possible ectoplasm formation covering part of the inside doorway.  Note our EMF meters were lighting up directly behind that doorway in the other room just a couple of moments prior to us entering this room, as if the spirit was following us in to the next room.  Please refer to the photo directly below where we had provided Aniasa with an extra EMF meter we had, note the meter is lit up in this photo as she’s walking in to the room in the photo above.

Figures Possible Pink Ecto in the doorway covering part of the door-jam.  Stuff on the ceiling may be nothing at all.  What looks like a figure of a man up against the wall from the waist up.  If you enlarge this picture, you can view the man’s figure and there also appears to be a ladies face there as well.

Manifesting There was no source of light in that corner leading us to believe this is an orb or that of a spirit trying to manifest itself.  

Face Is this a face or nothing at all?

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