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Psychic Hygiene

If you have been a paranormal investigator for very long you have most likely had the experience of walking into a place for an investigation and getting a serious case of the “heebee geebees”. I know I have. Maybe you didn’t know why, but the place just seemed to give off bad vibes. It’s as though the trauma, sadness, and misery have seeped into the walls and floors.


These places were always difficult for me to investigate because of my sensitivity. It was as though just by being in the place, I had become soiled by the contact. It doesn’t have to be a location that you are investigating, maybe it is the house of a friend or family member, or even the place where you work. Whatever the reason for being in contact with negative energy, we will always end up picking some of it up and carrying it around with us if we don’t take measures to prevent it. Thus, psychic hygiene.


Over the years, I have studied many different religions and belief systems. Baptism, the mikvah, bathing in the Ganges river; all the major religions have some sort of “cleansing bath”. Here in the South, you will find many interesting traditions involving the cleansing bath. These are used to remove the negative energy we come in contact with on a daily basis, but some are specific to particular situations.


Having investigated with several different groups, I have had the chance to see how each one conducts an investigation, and how they handle “cleansing” a space or person. Some of the groups don’t offer anything in the way of helping the client rid themselves of an unwanted energy. These were the groups that I found were most affected negatively by exposure to paranormal investigation. What I found is that over time, these people were more and more susceptible to colds, flu, and viruses. There was multiple cases of food poisoning in the same people. Their personal and professional relationships suffered. Eventually every one of those groups have folded. But the groups that had the best sense of how to rid themselves of the negative energy have thrived and prospered, as have the people on an individual basis as well.


In addition to the symptoms I have already mentioned, fatigue, confusion, the inability to make decisions, mental sluggishness, anxiety, and a dull, relentless headache in one particular part of the head are also symptoms. So now that we know the signs of the condition, let’s talk about what to do to prevent and cure the condition.


First, you must know how to take a cleansing bath. Wash with soap and water, wash your hair, etc. then drain and clean the tub. Run a fresh bath with only water and your cleansing ingredient. Either pour water over your head or submerge your entire body several times. Often a prayer is said or a Psalm is recited while taking the bath. When you step out of the bath, do not towel off but let your body air dry. To towel off is thought to remove the blessing or cleansing.


Once every 3 months, take a cleansing bath with 1 tablespoon ammonia (no more and not more often). I like to take advantage of the cycles of the moon, and take the bath the day after the full moon when the moon has began to wane. To use the ammonia bath more than once every three months is to risk washing the good energy down the drain with the bad. Your clothes can be washed with a tablespoon of ammonia in the wash, but only if NOT using bleach or a detergent with bleach. This will remove the negative energy from your clothes.


The simplest cleansing bath is the salt bath. For this you just add a handful of sea or kosher salt to the bath. I prefer kosher salt, as it has already been prayed over and blessed by a Rabbi.

Holy water, if you have it, can be added to a bath for cleansing purposes as well.


One particular favorite cleansing bath of mine is as follows: 8 oz. Holy Water, petals from 8 white roses, 1/2 cup Epsom salts. This bath can be used daily or as needed. Psalm 139 is favored to read when doing a cleansing bath. Most people like to burn white candles while doing cleansing baths.


While I can’t convince you of the value of these baths, I am certain that if you try them just once, you will see the difference.


Coming next: Cleansing a home or space of negative energy

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