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Arlington, TN Cemetery

Investigation  Arlington Cemetery in Arlington Tennessee.
Lisa Anito suggested we visit a nearby cemetery in her area.  As we rolled up it was starting to sprinkle rain.  We were only there about 20 minutes, but recorded 15 minutes of audio that was EVP filled.  This was a fun, quick investigation and shows if you’re in the right place at the right time it doesn’t take long to get something.  We should go back soon with video, pictures and try to have a conversation with Adam.  Adam was on of the spirits that revealed himself to us by EVP when we were there.

Date Friday 09/16/2011

 9:00 pm Investigation.

Time at location: 15 minutes.

 Video recorder and EMF Meter.

Personnel Steve Sanderson, Lisa Anito, Patty Sanderson and Joel Anito.

History  Located on the Collierville-Arlington Road at Hayes Road.  Collierville-Arlington road changes to Chester Road as you go through Arlington.

Graves date back to the 1850’s.

Evidence Several EVP’s.  We recorded no video evidence or EMF spikes.


Black smoke  Sounds like “Black Smoke

Free to don’t watch you now  Not sure what it means by this?

His house  

Its Adam, please  



So Sexy  Says ” So Sexy!”

Startled scream  Sounds like a surprised scream.

EMF  None above a 1 MilliGauss.


Photos None.

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