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Déjà vu?

One of the most frustrating things about it all is that I can’t even begin to define what it is I am experiencing. Déjà vu works well enough, but it doesn’t explain it entirely. Not in the slightest. I’ve heard scientist thoughts and determinations about it, mostly being that the experience of déjà vu and the like are not occurrences we truly remember at all. Many scientists have “found” that we produce the feeling of remembering, during certain situations, so we feel as though we have experienced it before, but in reality have not. In a way, they are saying that our physiology is tricking us. But, this doesn’t illuminate what is happening with me, especially considering I could-if I chose at the time- say what was going to happen or what someone was about to say, etc. before they themselves said it. How is this my body tricking me, if I am in fact showing knowledge which I had no way of attaining? The theory itself seems sound enough if you make exceptions for the things which I, and others seem to be able to do. I wish I could tell people why it was happening, what it is, but I simply do not have those answers. Some will say I have an illusion of grandeur, or that I am starved for attention, so I make up these things to make myself seem important in the big scheme of things. You can choose what you want, I am just reiterating my personal stories and thoughts, and as mature individuals you will be able to conclude for yourself what my goal is. I, however, know I am just a spec whirling around. But I can affect other specs, just as others can affect the orbit and motion of those around them. My life singularly is not important, I understand and accept that completely, I just hope my life can positively affect those around me in a way that can create a bigger, better change in the world. That is why I write these. There may be people who see these, and finally feel like others out there experience the same things they do. To help anyone, feel this way, or any other positive emotion, means I have accomplished my goal. I don’t expect to be a savior; I just hope to be an influence. I won’t pretend to be a good role model, or an out-standing citizen, I’m not. I am someone with good intentions and a message to send. I just hope there are people with open minds and receptive hearts who can indulge me.


3 Responses to Déjà vu?

  • Rachel says:

    I understand what you mean and am very receptive to your message. I just sometimes feel stuff or know things without any prior knowledge. I won’t say the knowing thing happens often, but the “feeling” does. I usually just keep feelings like this to myself, because of how judgmental people can be. Your post was very nice to read.

  • Nikki says:

    Thank you for you wonderful reply, i really appreciate it, if you ever wish to expand your ability, I will leave my email here and I can tell you what has helped me. Thank you again for your great and understanding comment, its not often you get positive responses on these things!

  • Rachel says:

    Oh, thank you! Email sent! 🙂

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