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Cordova, TN House Investigation


The house in Cordova, TN was brought to our attention by the people that used to live there.  They have seen an apparition, heard and seen things move and had a spirit lay on top of one person that was laying in bed at the time.  The house is now empty and for sale.

Date Tuesday December 13, 2011

 2:00pm Daytime Investigation.

Time at location: 1.5 Hours

 Digital Voice Recorder, Mel Meter, K2 Meter, Digital Still Camera and an Emf meter.

Personnel Steve Sanderson, Teri Clark Guest Investigators Melissa and Billy.  Paranormal Spirit Search would like to thank Melissa and Billy for their help with this investigation.

History No past history available.


Evidence  After reviewing I feel there are at least two spirits in the house.  One female and one male.


Are you in the corner again – YES When asked “Are you in the corner again?” by Billy a male voice responds “Yes”.

are you jealous of my relationship with billy – Yes Agree When asked “Are you jealous of my relationship with Billy?” a female voice reponds “Yes Agree.”

Billy A voice says “Billy.”

did you pass away in this house – Yes When asked if they passed away in the house a voice responds “Yes”.

Do you mean harm – No We Dont When asked if they mean harm a voice reponds “No we don’t.”.

Do you want us to leave – OK When asked if they want us to leave they answered “Ok.”.

Go Downstairs A voice says “Go downstairs”.

hates that A voice says “Hates that”.

I can see it A voice says “I can see it”.

indistinct yelling and talking

Not like girls in the house – You just have to guess When asked if they do not like girls in the house a male voice responds “You just have to guess”.

says Sound

Teri says talk to me – NO Teri says talk to me and a femail reponds “No”.

We are about to leave – Can you stay When we announce we are leaving a female voice asks “Can you stay?”.

Yall Banger A male voice makes a suggestion.



EMF  There is an EMF baseline in the house of about .2, unusual for a house without electricity.  Readings were as high as a 1.7.


Photos Mist forming on the right side of the bathtub.


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