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Religion and Ghost Hunting

By Phil Sanderson

ghost hunting

I understand that we have psychics in here, and I don’t mean to offend or judge anyone. I’m just stating the beliefs as they have been conveyed to me. If I remember correctly, she asked where Christianity stood on the subject of Ghost Hunting. Here was my response:

Abby and I talked about that the other day. And I looked for “ghost” in my Holy Bible suspecting that the only thing I would probably find would be about the HOLY Ghost. But NOTHING was in the concordance about it. However, the concept of “Purgatory” comes to mind when I think of ghosts. This concept is embraced by the Catholic church and more or less states that if someone dies who isn’t destined for Hell and has not quite earned enough favor with God, that person’s soul is placed in purgatory where he / she is allowed an opportunity to gain that favor in order to cross over into heaven. If my memory serves me correctly, failure could mean a trip to the OTHER place. Protestantism, for the most part, does not accept this doctrine. I have my own theories about ghosts and religion. I think it is highly possible that maybe there IS some sort of purgatory. I think it is also possible that ghosts who do good deeds could possibly be Angels under God’s employ to help the living. I also think the opposite is possible: Evil spirits which cause harm could be demons working for a higher evil, possibly even Lucifer. Protestantism DOES contend that if you are a psychic or medium who knowingly uses magic or psychic gifts then you are more or less “eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” (the one which bore forbidden fruit from which Eve ate). It is not for me to judge, but I have to admit that it DOES make perfect sense. In the garden of Eden, Satan — in the form of a serpent — convinced Eve to violate God’s only rule in the garden. So naturally, I think it would be easy for a person to embrace that ability to KNOW what he / or she is not supposed to know. I feel that anyone who practices this type of ability needs to be VERY CAREFUL at the VERY LEAST. And if you know someone who does it, you need to be in prayer for their soul. But DO NOT JUDGE THEM! Jesus Himself said, “Let he who is without sin cast the next stone…” So I have no reason to pick up any stones. I myself tend to be a foul-mouthed hypocrite, though I am doing my best to cuss less day by day.

By the way, some Ghost Hunters have an incentive to NOT help spirits crossover. Some would prefer to PURCHASE A HAUNTED PROPERTY in order to gain profit by turning it into a tour establishment, opening it up for people to “stay the night” and maybe witness some paranormal activity after paying a fee for one or more nights. However, I disagree with this. I like your approach better since you are trying to help the spirit get “home”. I believe this is a more NOBLE purpose. But in this day and age where employment opportunities are so scarce and employment is so brutal where people are willing to stab each other in the back to get ahead, I have to say I can see why some people would be tempted to make profits off haunted locations. Again, to those of you who are psychic, I meant no offense. Just stating what my pastor has said and what I have read in the Bible.

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