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DeSoto County Museum


The DeSoto County Museum Dog Trot Log Home located in Hernando, MS.  We stopped by for a quick visit.  The main museum was closed so we went into the log home.

Date Sunday May 27th.

 11:00 AM

Time at location: 30 minutes

 Digital Voice Recorder, Mel Meter, K2 Meter, and an Emf meter.

Personnel Steve Sanderson, Teri Clark, Lauri L. McCullar and Ashley Musick.

History The DeSoto County Museum features the history and development of DeSoto County, Mississippi, from 1541 to the present.


Evidence  After reviewing I feel there are several spirits at the location.


Ashley  When Teri Asked if they wanted to see Ashley again the response was “Ashley”.

sleep  A voice says “Asleep or Sleep”.

EMF  EMF baseline was 1/2 Mg.  Readings were as high as a 1.7.


Photos  Log Home

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