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Arlington Cemetery Part 2

Investigation  Arlington Cemetery in Arlington Tennessee.

Date Saturday June 9, 2012

 9:00 pm Investigation.

Time at location: 20 minutes.

 EMF Meters and Audio Recorder.

Personnel Teri Clark, Steve Sanderson, Lisa Anito, Steve Vernon, Steph Vernon, Ed Edgar and Joel Anito.

History  Located on the Collierville-Arlington Road at Hayes Road.  Collierville-Arlington road changes to Chester Road as you go through Arlington.

Graves date back to the 1850’s.

Evidence Several EVP’s.


Ask Joe or Asshole You tell me?

Ed Escape ?

Give us

Hum ?

Its Halloween

Silly People

Transfer me – sure of that  Again, tell me hat you think on this one.

EMF  None above a 1 MilliGauss.


Photos None.

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