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Mattress Warehouse in Memphis

Investigation The Investigation took place in a large warehouse.  We miked the office, a hallway and the main warehouse.  We also marked all the roll carts, a ballpoint pen and a football in case of any movement.  We did receive some evidence.  See below.

Date Saturday 06/29/2012

 8:00 pm Investigation.

Time at location: One hour and 30 minutes.

 Voice recorder, 24 channel Sound Board with three mikes, MEL Meter, K2 Meter, Ghost Meter and Video Recorder.

Personnel Steve Sanderson, Teri Clark, Lauri L. McCullar, Rachel E. and Steve Vernon.

History  We were contacted by the business owner about roll carts moving on their own, ballpoint pens being moved, noises and shadow people.

Evidence Class A, B and C EVP’s.

EVP Note: As always EVP’s are open to what you feel you heard and your comments are welcome.  Class C’s are very hard to hear without good sound and headphones.


Uh Hey




Red Light


Additional Audio and Video produced no unusual results.

EMF  A baseline of 0 with spikes to 3.5 MilliGauss.


Photos  Coming soon!

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