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House in Millington, TN

Investigation  The investigation involved a two story house.  A child’s bedroom was the main focus.  The child claims to see an apparition and here voices and noises.  There are three adults living in the house all with the ability  to see shadow figures, apparitions and things moving.  They also here voices on occasion.

Date Saturday 07/08/2012

 8:00 pm Investigation.

Time at location: Two hours.

 Voice recorder, MEL Meter, K2 Meter, Ghost Meter and two Video Recorders.

Personnel Steve Sanderson, Teri Clark, Ashley Musick and Steve Vernon.

History  We were contacted by the residents living there about seeing apparitions, shadow figures and moving objects.  They also hear noises and voices.

Evidence  Many EVP’s of all classes.  There was at least three intelligent spirits there on this night.  Ashley observed an orb moving from one room to the next.  The fish tank in the child’s bedroom is emitting a huge and wide EMF.  We feel this is acting as a portal that is attracting spirits to it.  We suggested that this tank and pump be removed and discarded or at the very least unplugged.  There was poltergeist type activity Ashley and Teri experienced when leaving with our car lights turning off and on and Ashley’s van door locking by itself when she tried to unlock it to leave after we completed the investigation.

This place is hot!


Note: As always EVP’s are open to your what you feel you heard and your comments are welcome.

Man yelling Hold him up

Lets go Heath

Loud bang – nobody in the room  We had a night-vision video camera running that also heard the noise, but shows nothing on video.  There is also a voice in the background saying “I need it”.

Love you

Man singing “Who’s candle do you jump.”


We might be dead

Who tied us?

EMF  A baseline of 1.5 with spikes to over 10 MilliGauss.



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