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What Happens Before and After An Investigation


Before an investigation one or two of our team members will scout out locations that may be haunted due to age, location or history.  We then will try to interview the people that work or live at the location and note anything they find strange, interesting and unusual.  We then have to get permission from the owner or manager of the property to do a walk-through with perhaps an EMF meter and an EVP recorder as a preliminary investigation.  Then we will setup a time to do a full investigation with all of our equipment and get a release form signed if needed.  Investigation time lengths depend much on the history of the location, preliminary findings and/or specific times that the anomalies or phenomena occur.


After and investigation there is hours of tedious work reviewing all sound recorders and video recordings.  This time per device is usually triple the actual recording time due to having to intense scrutiny of every little sound that may be paranormal.  We have to make sure any footsteps or voices heard were not just others there talking or walking around when they should not have been.  Then once the good stuff has been cropped and pasted into smaller files for further review with more of the team to find out if what we heard was what we though we heard or what was seen.  This process can take days depending on the length of time at the location and we all have full-time jobs to attend, too.  It then has to all be packaged for presentation back to the locations owners or managers.  This is hard work, but it is what we love to do and do it without charge.

We take it very seriously and do not manipulate any findings to sensationalize or make you think more is there than what we have found.  Remember, when you watch the big hit TV shows they have to make something happen.  You can easily wave a cell phone off camera to make an EMF meter register something or use hot ice to make a mist form in front of an infrared camera to look like an apparition is forming.  You can also use this to make a huge temperature change register on equipment to fake a spirit passing through a room.  I am not accusing the TV people of doing this… just saying they have to make something happen to show their viewers.

 We allow a Representative from the location to watch and sometime participate when we do an investigation so they know we are not manufacturing evidence.

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