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Banging Cabinets

From Kortney in Florida:

The first time in my life this happend to me lastnight. My bathroom cabinets were slamming shut by themselves and woke me around 1am. When I turned the light on it would stop. This went on until I fell back to sleep then something touched me and woke me. I am a mother of three, my faience thinks I’m nuts and I’m scared. I don’t know what to think or do.



My Response:

Hi Kortney,

You may have more power than you think.  Tell the entity to stop doing that with the same loud and demanding voice you would use with a live person.  This is usually all it takes.
Explain that it is your house and they can leave if they can’t abide by your rules.

It sounds like they are just trying to get attention and are just trying to get a response out of you.
Are you in the Memphis, TN area?  If so my Sister and me could come by and try to help? 

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