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Electronic Voice Phenomena

EVP’s come in three different classes as listed below:

Class A:
Voices are very clear and easily understandable by many.

Class B:
Voices are fairly loud and clear and are sometimes audible without headphones.

Class C:
Voices are very soft and often indecipherable. These tend to be researcher dependent.


EVP  Toll Gate Cemetery

Gun Shot Possible musket or old rifle shot?  Class B

Scream Sounds like a scream in the background.  Class C

Train1 Sound like a train.  We found no train tracks when we looked on Google Earth.  If you know of a train nearby let us know.  Class C

Uh-Oh Saying Uh-Oh?  Class C

Voice-in-background EVP in background after the word “if” that Teri says.  I cannot make it out.  Class C

Womens-Voice What is she saying? Class C

Exhale-Oh – Exhale and saying “ooooh”?  Class C

 We did not hear any of these EVP’s with our own ears, they were captured on our digital voice recorder.  I did not manipulate the sounds here in any way, they are presented as the Audacity software annualized them.

Comments can be made about our EVP sessions on the Investigations pages pertaining to the EVP in question.  Please go here to choose the proper investigation:

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