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True Ghost Stories

True Ghost Stories

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My Ghost Story

Had trouble with your uploader, hope you get this.

This happened when I was younger, like 12-13. My
Father took me along
on a business trip to Kauai, we stayed in Wailua
on the island of
Kauai. Now I can’t really remember the name of the
Hotel, but looking
up the area it is either the Lae Nani Resort Kauai
or the Wailua Beach
Resort. I remember most clearly that it was
swarmed with wild roosters
and near an out door market placed called the
Coconut Marketplace. We
stayed in a super cool room, the building was
separated from the main
complex and was closer to the beach. It was also
the last room at the
end of the building facing the beach.

The first night was great, Mahi Mahi burgers and
chilling by the pool,
all the normal Hawaii tourist activities.

The second day, I decided to try body boarding on
my own while my
father went to one of his appointments. Like 30
minutes into the swim
I sliced my foot good on some coral and had to
come in. The cut was
from my heel to the ball of my foot, and not
having anyone to lean on.
I hobbled my way back to my room which wasn’t more
than 30 feet away
from the water.

I called room service, got some first aid
(butterfly strips) and was
told I left quite the trail going up the side
staircase of the
building. They showed me after treating me the
trail I had left of
clearly visible blood sprinkling’s on the hotel
grounds white concrete
floor and staircase. This is when things starting
getting weird.

The next morning (third day) as My dad and I are
getting ready for our
day, he notices that the ceiling tiles (like the
ones in school rooms
that you can throw pencils in) above the shower
were blown away
revealing a gap in the ceiling straight into the
roof area of the
building. This wasn’t an attic, my father popped
my head up there for
a second and with a little travel flashlight all I
saw in there was
was that pink insulation stuff everywhere.

The tile was neatly placed beside the hole so I
just pulled it over
and let it fall into place, my father’s reasoning
to this being we
would get charged for damages if we didn’t do so.
The tile would just
sink into it’s square, no nails or anything. We
had no explanation for
this, other than we had the A/C on last night full
blast. So we just
chalked it up to a weird circulation pattern in
the room, went about
our day and planned to sleep with the A/C turned
down a little lower.

The next morning, the same thing happened but to 2
tiles were missing,
the new missing tile adjacent to the previous.
This had me kinda
freaked out, so since I wasn’t willing to stick my
head up there
again, we called the front desk and maintenance
was sent over. The guy
was friendly and let us know he had no idea why
this would happen,
telling us it’s the first time they got a call
like this. This time
tho the tile’s both weren’t near the gap in the
ceiling and the guy
had to get a ladder and retrieve the two tiles
from the attic. Three
of us just chalked it up to “Meh” and went about
our day.

Now that same night, I don’t remember why, but I
think I mouthed off
to my Father and was sent to the room alone as he
went to the resort
Jaccuzzi. As I tried to sleep alone in the room. I
freaked out when I
thought I heard someone else heavily breathing in
the room with me.
Like a kid I just kinda tucked up and held my
breath to just test what
I was thinking. After a moment of silence, I swear
I heard a very
pronounced exhale/sigh of breath very close to me.

I flipped out and left my room key and pants in
the room as I went to
find my dad. So wearing nothing but boxers and an
XXL T-shirt I found
my Father at the Jacuzzi’s and from the side of it
just said something
like “It’s Ghosts, like the tiles, It’s a ghost.”
My Father and the
strangers he was talking too just kinda laughed at
me, but seeing as
how I left the room visibly shaken and undressed
kinda worried my dad.

Strangely enough the two women he was talking to
were very into this
and asked if they could tag along traveling back
with me and my
Father. They were a mother and daughter
vacationing who were just
ranting about these things called Menehune that
they had heard about
on and Island tour earlier that day. We all
stepped into the room and
looked at everything. Again the tiles, 2, were
blown into the ceiling
and my Fathers bed, which was made by housekeeping
earlier that day
was oddly slightly messy. Like you wouldn’t guess
that someone had
slept there, no ghostly imprint of a person. Just
that if the bed was
made in a hurry, and not that really proper made
way that hotels do.
My dad even asked if I swaped beds.

The mother daughter duo we met, were still with us
and were really
getting into it, taking pictures looking up into
the ceiling gaps.
Before they left, they urged us and we did a hands
together prayer to
“cleanse the room.” We all left, said good night
to the pair as we
alerted the front desk in person that it happened
again. Yes, at this
point I clearly remember I am still not wearing
any pants.

It’s late so the maintenance man is there and
escorts us back to our
room. He fixes the tiles again and me and my dad
decide to stay in
that room, it’s out last night and were tired from
all the running
around. My dad was into catching a ghost I
remember, lol. I remember
we didn’t really sleep that night, just joked
about the prayer and the
whole incident long into the night.

This morning was our last and we had a flight back
to LA (hometown) at
8 PM. this morning tho, the tiles were in place,
nothing spooky. We
checked out and didn’t have another issue the rest
of the trip.

If you read this long account of mine thanks! I
know it’s kindof a
lame ending, ( I’ve heard that from friends) but I
swear this is
exactly how these events occurred. The first night
the tile(s) were
fine, it seemed that only I tracked blood in from
the beach all that
stuff started happening. Not religious either, if
curious the prayer
was what I believe was a Hail Mary? “Mary mother
full of grace…” I’m
pretty sure it started. Dates wise, I would put
this at 2002-2003
going off my age.

Anyone got a theory? like something I could look
up etc. shared
experience in Kauai?

Hi Jaron,

I can’t explain the crazy order of events during your stay at the hotel, but it is rather odd.

Thanks for your story.  Steve


mashell mendenhall

I think my property is haunted.

I see shapes of white smoke in a corner of my living
room. My son thinks
he’s being watched while sleeping. My daughter
says one of her closets
is scary. This are moved then returned to where
they were about 20
minutes later. Then at 3am one morning the dryer was
on, no one was
awake and our favorite cat was in it dead! The
front door which I
check all the time to make sure it’s always locked
,got open and my
favorite dog that I had for 10yrs got hit by a
speeding four wheeler,
got hurt seriously but is recovering. The dryer and
the door incident
happened wks to a month apart. And just last night
I have a plastic
grocery bag with papers in hanging on my roll top
drawer handle had
made a loud rustling sound and was moving, like
someone walked by it
and bumped into it. I live in Hartford, AR where
there was a horrible
coal war in the early 1900’s with murders left and
right. They shot
stabbed burned houses down while families where in
them etc. I believe
there is many spirits here and I would just like
to find out. So
people don’t think I’m crazy, I feel that spirits
make themselves know
to me for some reason because everywhere I go I
feel or see them
sometimes. Please, write me back on your opinions.
Thank you

Hi Mashell, It does seem like you may have some poltergeist activity going on there. You need to contact a paranormal group in or near your town and ask the to investigate what may be happening there!  Try here –   Thanks, Steve


Your Name randy davis
City and State cumberland
Tell us a ghost story I don’t remember the exact date but I know it was Christmas eve that dad worked at a church every Christmas eve late night because of some sermon. So every year me and mom stay up watch Christmas movies until he would come home that year we did the same routine I went to the bathroom and noticed the attic panel was moved to the side with a gap so me and mom moved it back and went and sat down in the living room about hour later we were watching it’s a wonderful life and mom was sitting on a couch across from me I was on a sofa I heard dad pulling up to the house I looked out seen his truck lights I sat back down looked over at mom and I really don’t and cannot explain it was this humongous explosion /collision/bang.. the whole room shook everything went pure white I remember my thought was we just got bombed or dad’s truck had blown up or something it lasted for couple seconds then I can still remember looking across the room at my mom and she was white as a sheet and eyes wide open and her hands clinched to the couch I said mom what the $!## was that mom did not say a word that moment I could here the front door open and dad came in the house into the living room I asked dad if he was ok or what happened out side dad looked at me and said what are u talking about I just pulled in and parked the truck and came in side .I looked at mom and it was like she was speechless dad asked mom what she seen or heard and mom said I don’t no I thought I blanked out for a moment after that it was never brought up again ..I never figured out what or why what I experienced but there is no words to explain it…I really think it was in 1993 or 1992.



Your Name: mariha marsh

City and State: cortland new york
well this happened about when i was 14 15 well it

was friday and
people started talking about the old hag me and my
freinds were like
there are no such thing as an old hag and so they
dared us to buy a
ouija board so i finnally begged my mom to buy me
a ouija board and
she said wll your not doing it at my house and i
called my freind and
said the good news is we het a ouija board the bad
new is that we have
to do it at your house she said no and i said if
you don't then i will
tell her crush she likes him yah i was a mean
freind but i changed so
we invited 2 more freinds over so it was the 4 of
us me, carey ,shyan
and stacey so we said we call on you the old hag
are you here it said
yes then we said are you going to sit on us
sarcasticly and it  said
yes and we said how old are you it said 80 and we
said ok well were
leaving see ya then we all went to bed one night
and i tryed to get up
for a glass of water but i just layed there
struggling sayng hel but
no one helped i left that morning never played it
again never went to
her house again.

Your Name: Eileen
City and State: Brooklyn, New York

I don’t think of the incident as a ghost story as
much as it was a
divine intervention. This was the first of many
to follow. . .It was
a rainy Friday night driving from Bensonhurst to
Ozone Park on the
Belt Parkway. My son was sitting in the
passenger front seat and
traffic was heavy at 6:00 in the evening. There
was a black ice
warning on the radio, so I was driving cautiously.
This was back in the early 1970’s, seat belts came
into effect in the
ollowing years. Cars in front of mine stopped
abruptly & as I applied
my brakes the went out-of-control sliding to the
left. I steered the
best I could to avoid the car in front of me. My
brakes were gone &
we were heading downhill on the grass towards the
traffic in the
opposite direction (while approaching a pole with
an overhead lamp) I
immediately pushed my son down onto the floor and
leaned over to cover
him with my body. It was impossible to avoid the
pole and
immediately went into prayer reassured my that I
loved him very much.
The car was tilted & rolling on two-wheels,
passenger side tilted.
How that car came to a full-stop & tilted back
onto the four wheels is
a mystery to me! We were stopped approximately 2
feet from that
lightpole. It was then that I started believing
in Angels and
possibly protection beyond explanation. Through
the years there have
been countless events that have occurred. I have
been encouraged to
share these happenings & thankyou Steve for this


By Jules V Ness

City and State: Lennox, SD

After what I have learned to call The Lennox
Haunting, a haunted house
that I lived in terror in for thirty eight days
total, we vacated the
property and moved to a different home on the
outskirts of Lennox.
I thought the hell was over, but I was dead wrong.
Sometimes hell does
not leave, it just lays dormant, waiting and
watching for that exact
slice in time when you’re vulnerable. That’s
the moment it comes
again and lets you know that you are human, and it
is not. Here is
part of my story.
I had walked upstairs to retrieve something from
my bedroom, when I
heard a commotion in the bathroom. It was
impossible, I was home
alone. I had left the bathroom door open with the
light out, but the
door was now closed and I could see light
filtering out from beneath
it. I slowly approached it.
I laid my hand on the door knob, not being sure if
I had the guts to
actually open it. My heart was beating so hard by
then I could hear
it echoing in my ears. I paused there a moment. I
slowly took my hand
back off of the door knob and crept back to the
hall closet.
My ex husband had left his old set of golf clubs
there for our son,
Dominick to use. I opened the closet door slowly
and as quietly as I
could. I reached in and quietly pulled out the
first one I felt. I
was still watching the bathroom door, never taking
my eyes off of it
fearing it would suddenly open and some stranger
would come charging
at me.
I retrieved the club and quietly closed the door.
I felt so much
better from the feel of the cold metal of in my
hand. I headed back
down the hall to the bathroom door. I stood beside
of it listening for
any movement.
I could not hear anything in there, not so much as
a breath. I was
actually starting to get angry. I felt I had been
through enough of
this shit. I took a deep breath and turned the
handle, pushing hard,
almost throwing the door with enough force that I
knew the handle
would dent the wall. The door banged loudly as
it did precisely
that, leaving a round imprint. The pressure was so
great from the door
that the shower curtain blew away from the tub;
its movement startled
“Who’s in here?” I asked in a very
unfriendly tone, raising the
golf club into the air, ready to strike if I had
My voice echoed loudly throughout the bathroom. I
heard a bit of a
sound, like wind escaping or maybe it seemed more
like a long deep
breath. I held mine. I wanted to hear
everything. I was getting
tired of the fear, of the seemingly endless games.
I just knew in my
heart that something was there, and whatever it
was, it was definitely
messing with me.
I saw the shower curtain flutter again, as though
there was a breeze
passing through it, even though there were no
windows in the bathroom.
I stood my ground even though my heart was
thumping so hard I could
feel it moving my chest with each beat.
I walked over to shower curtain. It was almost
completely drawn
closed. I slowly reached for it, grabbed the edge
of it, and then
quickly, I pulled it completely open. The tub was
empty. I let out a
long sigh of relief, and then took a couple more
long deep breaths,
exhaling very slowly. It helped to slow my
heartbeat down to a more
comfortable level.
I stepped in front of the vanity to look into the
mirror. My eyes
looked like those of a crazed maniac holding a
golf club in the air.
I stared at myself just shaking my head at myself.
“What is your deal today Jolene?” I said
sternly to my reflection
as if it could actually answer me.
Then I heard a raspy, very loud whisper directly
into left my ear as
though someone was standing very close, right next
to me.
The voice came from seemingly nowhere. I could see
from my reflection
in the mirror there was no one standing beside me.
It startled me so
much my knees buckled, had I not grabbed the edge
of the vanity to
steady myself, I would certainly have fallen to
the floor.
The voice I heard had such a mean tone that it had
chilled me to the
bone. I felt a cold rush of air on the side of my
head as though
someone was breathing icy breaths on my cheek. I
could even feel the
pause between breaths. The suddenness of it had
startled me so much I
had dropped my golf club. I quickly bent down to
retrieve my precious
weapon even though I could not see anyone to use
it on, it still felt
very good in my hand.
I straightened back up and saw myself in the
mirror. I knew my
reflection was telling me that I was standing
there by myself but I
still couldn’t help glancing directly beside me
and all around the
I was alone in the room. I laid my hand to my
cheek where I had felt
the breaths. My cheek was very cold to the touch.

I glanced back at my reflection one more time and
for a moment, just
for a thousandth of a second I thought I saw
another face looking back
at me. It was not a face of a normal person. It
was distorted, as if
I were looking into one of those weird mirrors in
the fun house at a
carnival, and then it was gone again.
It was so quick, I could not be absolutely sure if
it had actually
been there at all. I continued staring into the
mirror; I was in too
much shock to move right at that moment.
It finally dawned on me to move my feet and get
myself away from the
mirror. I really did not want to see anymore if I
could prevent it. I
was shook up enough.
I ran out of the bathroom pulling the door shut
behind me. I headed
for the stairs. I didn’t know where I was
running to at that
moment; all I remember was that I needed to get
some distance between
myself and that bathroom.
If you would like to read more, check out the
“look inside” of
Beyond The Lennox Haunting, the haunting of me,
vol 2 on Amazon. This
is based on a true story that began in a home I
had lived in a few
years beforehand in the town of Lennox.


By The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter

Girl Crying


Actually, I had an EXACT (well, very nearly exact) episode which I wrote about in Ghost Stories and The Unexplained: Book Two. I went to a reunion of girl friends in Arizona and one of the women brought her son, 5 years old. We sent him to set the table while we gossiped in the big old kitchen. He’d set the spoons, and come back for the knives, on and on. Suddenly HE started crying, very upset. ‘There’s a woman under the table!’ he says. The hostess asked him to describe her – he exactly described the vintage photograph of the former owner which was hanging in the guest room. A room that, as a child, he had never BEEN in! The house was filled with antiques and porcelain faced dolls so I named the story, “Dolls Watching”.


By Sallie Satterthwaite

A road near his village had once been a Roman road, he said, easily identified by its perfectly straight alignment. The Romans were remarkable engineers who allowed nothing to stand in the way of building the shortest routes to deploy troops quickly anywhere in their great empire.

The youth said his mother worked in an office on that road, today a major highway, and had heard people tell of the appearance of a Roman company, mounted horsemen and charioteers in full regalia, clattering and clanking along the road.

The apparition has been observed many times over the centuries, and most reports had in common one curious detail: While the soldiers could be seen clearly from head to knees, their feet, and their horses’ hooves, were for some reason invisible.

Researchers recently discovered the reason. The road has been built up over the years, and its surface is now about 18 inches higher than it was when the Romans first paved it – just about the length of a man’s leg from foot to knee.


By Joe Sadler -Lexington, Illinois:

The Cabin Ghost

Cabin My first wife and I moved into a log cabin,

in Piccadilly Md.

After moving to Western Maryland into a trailer to

escape the

hardships of the City life in Baltimore.

The cabin was built just a few thousand feet off

of the historical

C&O canal. It was mostly a one-room cabin with

shuttered windows to

protect from the Indians. The cabin I guess was built in 1830’s or so.

I traveled 50 miles each way, each day to work

in Cumberland,

Maryland, life was hard there too. I had a job in

a gas station

working for minimum wage then which was good for the area, so most of the money was spent for gas.

One night while I was sleeping, I had awakened

myself with a sound

that came from my vocal chords like a na-wak.

(Hard to explain)  As I

woke up I saw a girl standing next to the bed. She

was kind of

luminous- blue –see through- and I was freaking!

I looked at my wife as if to say “do you see

this?” She was

asleep. The girl then said to me. “Don’t be

afraid, I live here

too, When I was 12 years old my father had some

friends here that were

hunting, and they got drunk, and raped me and

killed me…But I’m 18

now”  Then she turned to her left and started

gliding past my bed,

through the window.(The cabin was maybe 10 feet on

a hill at that side

of the house) And she glided in the air across the

yard, through a

clearing where a power line run down through the

woods towards the C&O

Canal. I watched her until she was a little spec

of light and  I

couldn’t see her anymore….. I never said

anything to my wife,

because she was there along most of the time with

my 2 year daughter.

A couple of months later, my engine blew in my

Datsun, so I had a

cousin stay with me, and drive mr to town until I

rebuilt the engine.

One night, we were watching The Tonight show,

and trying to fall

asleep. ( The room was “L” shaped and my

cousin was sleeping on

the sofa. I heard him sigh, (as if to say, “I

can’t sleep”) And

as I looked at him, and him at me , The ghost

floated through the

front door, between us, and turned at the corner

of my bed, and

floated past me, and through the window, across

the yard. My Cousin

freaked out! And came and grabbed a hold of me and

said, “did you

see that shit!” I said shhh as not to wake my wife and kid, and said “It’s OK, I’ve seen it before.

We never really talked about it, but I got to

thinking, she said,

“when I was 12 I was killed” , “but I’m 18

now” So knowing

what I do about things like this, I thought, I

need to set her free by

looking into the papers for that area, possibly 6

years before that,

to see if there were any deaths, but… the way

she was dressed, made

me believe that she was from the early to mid


To this day, I feel that I needed to research

that event and set

her free by revealing the truth……Maybe



By Jeff Smith from Facebook:

I have a true ghost story to share. It took place in Cordova back in 1975.

We moved into a house when it was the only one on the block (a new subdivision)

We discovered an abandoned home site tucked away in a small stand of trees and vines. it had several old graves.

They dated back to the late 1800’s. One of them had been dug up. The fields around the house used to be farmed.

It all started when my sister saw an image of an old man looking thru her window.

My Dad at the time was a very bad alcoholic. I think the spirit was drawn to him.

He told me of an old man who would appear out of nowhere and sit late at night and talk with him.

My Dad never spoke of the conversations details.

One night I was up stairs by myself when a stack of magazines on the table flew into the air for several seconds. I jumped and flew down the stair (without touching a stair on the Later we went up stairs and the magazines were scattered over a few feet area.

No way they just slid off the night stand. Several other things happened before we moved out. I bet the house is still haunted. I will get the full address but I do remember it was Pine Shadows.


By Cherlyn Gardner Strong

August 6th, would have been Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday. She died on April 26, 1989 at the age of 77.

During her life, the red-haired comedienne and actress was associated with a number of unusual tales. Ball told Dick Cavett in an interview in 1974 that she once picked up communications between Japanese spies through the fillings in her teeth.

She said she had been traveling home from the television studio and heard what she thought was “tapping.” She stated that “as I backed up it got stronger. The next morning, I reported it to the authorities and upon investigation, they found a Japanese radio transmitter that had been buried and was actively transmitting codes back to the Japanese.”

Television’s Mythbusters would later debunk her claim.

Then, there was the story about a UFO. Lucille Ball was among a few people to hear, first-hand, a claim of a UFO encounter made by Ronald and Nancy Reagan. She explained:

“…One night we went to Bill Holden’s for dinner, and it was fun at first, but we couldn’t eat until two of the other guests arrived, and they were almost an hour late. The tardy two were Ron and Nancy Reagan. Desi had time for a few extra cocktails, and was sailing by the time the Reagans arrived. They were all out of breath and so excited and said they couldn’t help being late because of what happened. Are you ready? They saw a UFO and stopped to watch it. After he was elected president, I kept wondering if he’d have still won if he told everybody he’d seen a flying saucer.” -From the book, Lucy in the Afternoon

 In life, it doesn’t appear that Ball was a very big believer in UFOs and the paranormal.

Yet, there is a paranormal connection involving Lucille Ball that began circulating following her death.

After Lucille Ball died, numerous reports surfaced that Ball’s presence was very much active in her former Beverly Hills home on Roxbury Drive. The owners of that home reported broken windows, loud voices from an empty attic and objects mysteriously moving around the home.

Source –


From: Lauri L. Snipes- McCullar  City and State: Horn Lake, MS

My mother Paula Snipes-Pearlman was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in April of 1999.
I had the honor of being with her every day til she passed away in September of that same year.

When she was in her last month of life, she had lost her ability to swallow and was semi-comatose.
I was leaning over the bed rail of her hospital bed in her room slowly squirting pain-meds in her mouth with a syringe.

My friend Melissa was there with me that night but I thought she was in the living room.

As I was leaning over and talking to Mother, someone came over to the bed rail, propped their arms on the rail, and pressed their left arm against mine.
I thought it was Melissa so I continued giving Mother her medicine.

My mother had lost her ability to speak about a week prior to this and her eyes were half shut all the time. She was basically like a vegetable.
Out of the blue her eyes opened wide and she screamed to the top of her lungs, “Get Out!”
I got tickled because this person quickly moved away.

I finished giving Mother her meds and thought I’d better go check on Melissa in case her feelings were hurt.
As I was walking into the living room Melissa was coming in the front door.

The hair stood up on the back of my neck and I asked her if she had just left Mother’s bedroom. She said no she had just been outside on the phone with her Mother.

I don’t know what or who it was, but as far as my Mother was concerned, even in her comatose state, it was not welcome there.

Thank you for sharing Lauri


From: June Fisher

This is a true story.

My father died in 1991, three days before Christmas. I was only 7 years old. He died in our house.

After that, my mom and two brothers and I would hear strange things like in the hall way at night you could hear someone walking back and fourth.

You could also hear some one humming which was what my dad use to do.

The cupboards in the kitchen would open up and close.

Once I had one of my friends sleep over and I didn’t tell them any thing what was happening.

We were in my room and my friend said that she heard a noise. I just said you’re probably just hearing things.

Then my door opened up and slammed really hard. We got up fast and ran to the door to see if any one did that but there was no one there. It was just strange.

Then we went back over by my bed and started talking and laughing.

We heard someone coming and we thought it was my mom, so we stopped talking. There was no one there again. We just heard foot steps.

My friend got scared and said that she wanted to go home and she did.

I also have heard violins playing but it was coming from the basement. There was so much stuff happening. There is allot more of things that happened.  We moved from that house one year ago. I’m 17 years old now. This is true, everything that I have said.

Thank you June

From: Anonymous

This is not a Halloween story but it might has well be. My aunt used to live in this part of Michigan that was kind of out in the country. Well, next to her house is an old cemetery. Also, about half a mile from her house is an old house, and my brother and cousins and I are convinced it’s haunted.

It’s made of a reddish brick, and has shutters that are all closed up, and those black, pointy, fence looking things on the top. There were never any lights on or people around. One day, my brother, my cousins, and I decided to go check it out. We figured we’d walk around the back yard for a few minutes and then leave. That’s what we did at first. As it turns out, there was a huge, old barn
next to it, and a field. There was an outhouse, too and even one of those things that opens up to a cellar! Well, the door of the shed was open, and it was kind of swaying in the wind. We couldn’t resist. My brother went first, and we followed him into the shed. There was another door, and we saw that this door went INTO THE HOUSE!

We tried opening it, but it was jammed. Then my cousin saw that it was open about an inch. We pushed on it together and it flew open. I don’t know why but we all started screaming and ran out into the yard. I couldn’t believe we actually did that. We were just going to go home, but then we thought that we would be wondering forever what would have happened if we hadn’t gone in there, so we went back. We were soooo scared. The first room looked like a kitchen, and it had one of those really old stoves, the kind that sits on the ground with a black pipe going through the ceiling. That was my first indication that this house could have been, like, a hundred years old. The floor was starting to creak, which made me say out loud that what if it gave out and we fell down into the cellar??? That made my cousin almost start to cry but we calmed him down. We walked cautiously through the house.

There were a lot of small rooms. We didn’t dare go down to the cellar. The front door was locked, and bolted and nailed down with boards, as were all of the windows. Did I mention that during this whole thing, we were all REALLY REALLY scared?? Well, we were just about to head back, when my brother saw…a staircase. An old, brown, winding one. OH MY GOD. We discussed whether or not to go up (my brother was the only one who would, but I didn’t want him up there alone with the ghosts!) He said he would only go up a few steps to see if he could see anything up there, so we let him.

And that’s as far as he got. He was on about the 5th step, when we heard a horrible crashing sound from the kitchen. We all started screaming, and ran out of there fast. We didn’t bother to shut the door – which was probably our first mistake. We ran back to my aunt’s house, past the cemetery. At the time, the only person we told about this, was my aunt. She’s cool, and we knew she wouldn’t tell anyone what we did.

Well, my brother and I eventually had to go home, but this is where it gets weird!! The next day, my mom took us back to my aunt’s (my other cousin was going back home to Chicago the next day, and we wanted to see her again before she left). As we drove past the cemetery, I saw something really creepy. There were some men working there, and it looked like they were DIGGING A GRAVE. Now, I don’t know if they still used that cemetery, I always thought it was too old to be burying new people there, but we were wondering – were they burying something – or digging something up?

We told my aunt about it right away, and she said that there had been a FIRE in the cemetery the night before. Now this was too weird. All of this stuff happened the day after we went there. There were now “no trespassing” signs all over the yard, which meant – someone saw us in there. We don’t know who, but all I kept thinking was, what would have happened if my brother had gone
upstairs? I guess we owe our lives to that thing that fell in the kitchen!

Thank you Anonymous

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