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Full Time Investigators:

Steve Sanderson – Founder/Audio and Video Tech/Investigator/Reviewer – Steve is from The Colony, TX

Kim Brown – Investigator/Reviewer – Kim is from The Colony, TX


Part Time Investigators:

Positions Open


Junior Investigator:

Sara Brown – Sara is from The Colony, TX

The size of our crew depends largely on the size of the location and number of areas to be covered.  Too many people can contaminate an investigation site with too much site and sound that can be confused with real evidence.

That being said:

I do like to use part-time/stand-by crew members in case someone on the full-time crew can’t make it to a site.  If you are interested in becoming a part-time crew member please use our contact form and add yourself to the newsletter subscription.  In the subject field of the contact form put “Part Time Investigator“.  I get quite a bit of email and this makes it easier to find you.

You do need to live close enough to the Memphis, TN area to make at least one meeting a month and be involved in the investigation.

You must be able to be quiet, listen, have a sense of humor and be trainable.  Be a stable person, we will not tolerate any personal drama at an investigation.  You also must be able to check your email and own a cell phone.  You will also be required to be healthy enough to stand and walk for up to 5 hours.  Almost forgot, you will NOT be paid any money, but you will have fun!


Our Equipment (Click for larger pictures):

The-Ghost-Meter-EMF-SensorThe Ghost Meter

K2 Meter K2 Meter



Sony px 312


Sony PX 312







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