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House in Cordova,TN

Investigation  Investigation downstairs in the living room and the owners bedroom was miked.  We also miked the upstairs hallway and did an EMF session in the most active bedroom upstairs.  Video was taken in the owners bedroom as well as the living room.

Date Saturday 06/23/2012

 9:00 pm Investigation.

Time at location: One hour and forty-five minutes.

 Voice recorder, 16 channel Sound Board with two mikes, MEL Meter, K2 Meter, Ghost Meter and Video Recorder.

Personnel Steve Sanderson, Teri Clark, Lauri L. McCullar and Steve Vernon.

History  We were contacted by the homeowner about lights being turned on and footsteps heard upstairs when nobody was up there.  She also feels something is in the bed laying beside her sometimes.

Evidence Class B and C EVP’s.

EVP Note: As always EVP’s are open to your what you feel you heard and your comments are welcome.

EMF Session EMF stops and starts on command

EMF Stop Same results as above

Ha Ha Perhaps a laugh, you tell me?

Help Me Very hard to here this Class C EVP.

Is that better

Whistling Not really sure about this one?

Door Closing


EMF  A baseline of 1.5 with spikes to 10 MilliGauss.


Photos  Video coming soon!

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