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Memphis National Cemetery

Investigation  Steve Vernon’s father is buried in this cemetery.  We took a one hour walk around the grounds and received a few Class C EVP’s.

Date Friday 06/21/2012

 11:00 am Investigation.

Time at location: 45 minutes.

 Voice recorder.

Personnel Steve Sanderson and Steve Vernon.

History  Memphis National Cemetery was originally established as Mississippi River National Cemetery when the Union Army forces took control of Memphis during the American Civil War. The cemetery served to inter veterans who died while in the many military hospitals in the delta region of the Mississippi River. After the war, several battlefield cemeteries were transferred to Memphis National Cemetery.[1]

In 1867, about 250 bodies of both Confederate and Union soldiers, some of whom were casualties of the Battle of Fort Pillow in Lauderdale County, were moved from a battlefield cemetery south of Fort Pillow to Memphis National Cemetery to be re-interred in a designated field.

Evidence Class C EVP’s.  We recorded no EMF spikes.

EVP Note: All Class C EVP’s are open to what you think the sound is.

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Hey hey hey go back to call – Very hard to hear this one.



EMF  None above a 1 MilliGauss.



 Union Soldiers from the state of Illinois

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