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Cordova Community Center


Investigation  The Cordova Community Center is located at 1017 Sanga Rd., Cordova, TN.  The Cordova Community Center, originally built as the Cordova School in 1913, has been restored and currently serves as a multi-use facility available to the community.
While we were there the building alarm went off on its own.  The alarm was off when we arrived and all the people in the building were in the same room we were in.  The doors from the outside were locked that lead to the alarm panel.
This is a preliminary investigation.

Date Tuesday 10/02/2012

 10:00 am Investigation.

Time at location: Two hours.

 Two Voice Recorders and the EMF Ghost Meter.

Personnel Steve Sanderson and Lainie Hackett.

History  In October 1985 nine citizens of Cordova, in the name of the community, formed a not-for profit corporation which purchased from the Shelby County Board of Education the Cordova School property, to be used as a community center. The price for the school building with gymnasium on eight acres including ball fields was $150,000.

Teachers and students who fondly remembered their old school joined with current residents to save the 1913 landmark. Neighbors and friends organized an on-going series of fund-raising events and generous, hard working citizens began the slow process of renovation.

Now that the mortgage is paid off, more help is needed to continue the restoration and repairs, including the heating and cooling systems throughout the buildings. Plans are continuously being developed for a full calendar of annual events.

Your participation in the center’s programs and your contribution of time, talent and financial support are heartily welcomed.

The “old school” was and is the heart of Cordova. The 1913 building was recently placed on the Tennessee and National Register of Historic Places.

Evidence  Voice recorders placed downstairs in basement area and on ground floor in auditorium.  EMF was 3-Off the scale everywhere in the building.


Basement Recordings:


I am rosa

Id like to go with sometime – No – YES

Is that Marley


Oh my God

Auditorium Recordings:

CCC child laughter or Voices

CCC Echoing Voices

CCC man laughing

CCC Shrill noise

CCC thud & siren – Same noise I heard in the basement

CCC Who Art These

CCC Yeah

CCC Grunt

EMF  A baseline of 3 with spikes to over 5 MilliGauss.  The steady EMF all over this building is very high.



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